Skybell HD Review: What You Need to Know

The skybell HD doorbell is a round design that only measures 2.8 inches by 2.8 inches with a depth of 0.9 inch which actually looks like the previous model. What I like about this doorbell is the style and you also get to choose the brushed aluminum or oil rubbed bronze that will truly match on your other hardware at home.

When it comes to installations, issues may arise and due to the almost 3 inches wide it is expected that it will not fit on all door frames. It also requires a hard wire set up for it to work, which means that you have to relocate your existing doorbell wiring on a more permanent and tidy looking installation unless you simply do not mind your doorbell to be hanging on your doorway. For more useful reference, have a peek at this website

Regardless of the doorframe over hang problem, the skybell HD is very easy to install. All it you have to do is to switch the power to your doorbell, remove the old buzzer that you have at home, attach the exiting wires to the skybell mounting plate then you are good to go. If you do not want to move you wiring to a new location, all you need is a Phillips screwdriver that is included in the skybell box.

But you have to take note that this only works for a hard wired system and it is also the easiest way to install a traditional mechanical doorbell. The good thing about skybell also is they provide digital door chime adapter bit it also requires additional effort. Read more great facts, click on this website

And like any other do-it-yourself software, skybell HD app will teach you the step by step installation instruction to make sure that you will be able to install your new doorbell without any problem. All you have to do is to:

o Download the skybell HD app on your Android or iPhone.

o You will then create an account that will require a unique username and password then add a new skybell.

o You then have to wait for the LED light indicator on your skybell HD to begin flashing a red light and then green. If you are unable to see any light indicator flashing, then there is a problem with your installation.

o You then select the skybell Wi-Fi network on your phone settings and then add your local Wi-Fi network and you are done.

It will take a few more minutes as compared to some to some other application configurations due to the fact that you have to wait for the LED light to blink red and green, but you do not have to worry as it is very easy to get this up and running. Please view this site for further details.